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With Love…

Baby Maria Love
Hello everyone!

Have you missed me?  I have missed you!

My mommy and I have been very busy.  So many people and organizations have contacted my mommy.  I feel so loved and I am very excited.

If I can jump up and down I would, but at the moment, I can only show my excitement by throwing my toys on the floor and watching my mommy pick it up over and over again (hee hee). – giggle.

I have an important update.  An excellent doctor by the name of Dr.Rafael Gosalbez has agreed to perform my surgery.  It is a blessing that we are able to find each other.  I can’t wait to meet him!!

There are many organizations that are helping me in different ways.  One of the organization, IKF’s Wonderfund™, is coordinating with Dr.Rafael to help me get the surgeries I need.  They are also helping my mommy gathering more donations for me.

I am also going to have my surgeries at Holtz Children’s Hospital.  While we have contacted many hospitals for help, my mommy and I are amazed by the high level of service, empathy, and kindness shown by this excellent hospital. I am very lucky because this hospital is ranked amongst the top in the world, and I know that I will be in very good hands.

We will be creating a “Gratitude” page on our site to show our thanks for all the organizations that will be helping me.  If I could put every name on the site I would, but I am afraid I would miss someone by accident, and I don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Please know that we are so grateful for all the help that I am receiving from everyone.

My mommy says that there are times when a person would be at a loss for words.  This is because they are so touched by a gesture, or kind words.

I am very hopeful that I will be growing up in a very loving place. I have seen my mommy be at a loss for words by the amount of kindness and support shown toward us.  Thank you…

With love and kisses,

Baby Maria Jose

To make a donation via wire transfer please use the information listed below:

Jackson Memorial Foundation/IKF’s Wonderfund c/o Bank of America

701 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33131
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
ABA: #026009593 Account: #005498997814
Child’s name: Maria Jose Chaves


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